23 Hours And Counting

In less that 24 hours, I will be boarding a small plane to fly to Vancouver BC, and then from there a much larger vessel for the 11+ hour flight to Beijing. Once there my semester abroad will commence with a study tour of Beijing and Xian before an internal flight to Chengdu, in the Sichuan province, where I will be attending Sichuan University for the duration of the semester. (For those of you not intimately familiar with the geography of China, I’ve attached a map of the provinces to this post. You’ll notice that Sichuan province is in central/eastern China, right next to Tibet.) The next ~12 weeks will be spent attending classes and lectures at Sichuan University, with one notable week-long break in October to travel to Lhasa, and a few weekend trips here and there. The last week or so of my trip, after finishing finals, will be spent in Shanghai before flying home through Vancouver on the 15th of December.

In this blog, I hope to document my experiences with pictures and stories/words/thoughts/musings about my scheduled travel and daily adventures this semester, both for my own pleasure and to keep folks at home updated on my life. The name ‘The Traveling Kite’ derives from my late Grandpa Sam’s habit of bringing a small, red&white portable kite with him on his trips with Nana around the globe, and taking pictures with it in flight at various locations. (The kite is pictured in my header photo, with Mt. Rainier in the background.) I have this kite stowed in my 44 lbs of acceptable luggage for the trip, and hope to document its flight at various destinations on my trip and share them here. And even if I don’t get many opportunities to fly the kite or take photos of it, I hope that on this trip, my first foray off the continent of North America, I can embody the spirit of adventure and lust for travel that I know was so strong in my Grandpa Sam.

So – I’m off, and I’ll see you all in December. Feel free to read/follow/comment (or not!) as you please. Lots of love,



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