Quick Note on How This Blog is (Hopefully) Going to Work

I finally got a few more posts up! At least for another week or so, and maybe longer, I won’t have consistent internet and might not be able to post much. But I’ll be taking notes and writing posts to publish once I’m in Chengdu!

To make things easier to digest, I’m planning on categorizing my posts. My categories so far include:

Let’s Go Fly A Kite (All of my kite-flying adventure photos, with quick notes about when and where the flying commenced.)

The Tourist Life (All things touristy – mostly what I’m posting in for the first couple of weeks as we travel and, well, be tourists.)

10 Things (Lists of 10 (or other numbers, if I have more or less) things about things. We’ll see if this one works or not.)

Horticulture Corner (This is for you, dad! And any other garden nerds you decide to share my blog with, I guess. I’ve just noticed lots of interesting plants, and thought a specific spot to upload pictures of them would be neat.)

Theoretically, this means that you can click on one category (found over on the right hand side) to read all the posts in that genre. I’m planning on adding a few categories as the semester goes on, because I’m not sure right now what format I will want to post about my academic life in, etc.

Many posts will have just one main image with it at the top of the post, but the rest of my pictures will be in my photo gallery (also accessed on the right hand side) whenever I can find the time and internet to upload them. I’ll try to update my gallery regularly as well, so check there for additional pictures!

I’ve also connected my Instagram to the blog, in the bottom right hand corner. The last six pictures that I’ve posted on Instagram will always be on display there (right now you can see some pictures from my summer because I’ve only posted a couple things from China). It’s another place to look for photos and quick updates when I don’t have time to write full posts, etc.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Also, for those of you who have asked, here is my mailing address for the semester:

Ellen Anderson

West International Students Dormitory 2F

Wangjiang Campus

Sichuan University

29 Wangjiang Road

Chengdu 610065

Sichuan, P.R. China

I don’t know how well it will work/where I will be able to pick up mail, but I’ll figure that out when I get to campus. And remember that, in our experience, the mail system in China is not totally reliable – so don’t send anything precious or perishable, I suppose.



2 thoughts on “Quick Note on How This Blog is (Hopefully) Going to Work

  1. Tried to leave a comment but that didn’t work.

    Your comment about the guard not wanting you to fly the kite reminded me that when we were in Paris the police reprimanded Grandpa for flying at the archdetruimph.

    Lots of love,



    • I think it worked – I just need to approve comments for my blog before they show up. I was a little worried in Tiananmen Square because there are guards all over the place, but it worked out just fine! Lots of Chinese tourists also took pictures of me flying the kite – probably not something that happens in Tiananmen all the time.


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