Quick Life Update: Chengdu

After almost five full days of running around, buying things, and being officially orientated by Sichuan University, our group is finally settled down in the dorms in Chengdu. We live on the 6th floor – there’s no elevator. It’s a great built-in workout every day! This afternoon I’ve been sitting on my bed, intermittently typing posts and taking naps. After the busy weeks of travel, a bit of a rest is absolute perfection. Funny how anywhere can feel like home when you’re so tired and ready for a good nights sleep.

Classes start next Tuesday, and I will be taking 8 credits of Chinese language, 3 credits of Chinese Society, 4 credits of Chinese Buddhism, 2 credits of Western China/Minority Studies, and 1 credit of Calligraphy. I’m also hoping to get involved volunteering teaching English to two different age groups – one a week for high schoolers and elementary each. More to come on all this as my schedule solidifies next week.ย 

Sorry for the significant delay from events to blog postings – I’m aware that I’ve only gotten through August 27th on my blog posts so far. I’m still working on cranking them out, but both internet connection and free time have been spotty in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully once I get through all the crazy tourist stuff I can settle down to a post or so a week with updates on weekend adventures and my classes.ย 

Also, I’ve posted a bunch of pictures in my gallery (found on the right hand side of the page in most browsers, underneath the calendar, etc). They’re in no particular order, because that would be SO ORGANIZED, but I’ve captioned most of them so you’ll know roughly where and when they were taken. I have a lot more photos to upload, as well, so more will come!

Much love to the western world,



One thought on “Quick Life Update: Chengdu

  1. Hi Ellen,

    Sounds like you have a full course load, but I know you are up to it and want to learn everything you can while there.

    I looked at all you new photos and really enjoyed them, especially because you had captioned each what it was or why you took it or what it meant to you.

    Take care.



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