Life Update: Tibet!

After three weeks of school and settling in to our lives in Chengdu, my study abroad group is all set to head off to Tibet on Saturday morning, the 27th, at 5 AM! I’m incredibly excited – I have no strong concept of what being in Tibet will be like, but our study tour will include monasteries and religious sites as well as markets and other tourist destinations, so I’m looking forward to a great trip. We won’t have very much internet access or time while traveling, but I’m planning to post about each day when I get back on October 4th, like I did for the study tour in August.

I’m also planning on doing some posts about daily life when I get back so you guys can get a better understanding of what I do on a daily basis here in Chengdu. To start that off, here’s an chart of my class schedule for the semester – I spend every morning in various Chinese classes, and I’m also taking Chinese Buddhism, Contemporary Chinese Society, Western China, and Calligraphy. More on the volunteering gig later.

Also, you’ll notice I added a new category to the blog – ‘Lost In Translation’. I’m going to attempt to photo document and share with you some of my favorite Chinglish mis-translations from around Chengdu and the rest of my trip.

Lots of love, thanks for reading, and I’ll be back on in a couple of weeks!



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