Update: Time Flies Faster in China

HELLO! I would first like to apologize for the long hiatus on posts; I’ve found that while in a foreign country, especially when one is studying and learning a language on top of the usual exploring, eating, and enjoying life, the hours and days slip away in a manner quite unprecedented by the average timepiece. After a few weeks of being overloaded with classwork and new experiences and the need to sleep, I decided to take a conscious break from posting and studying and go DO more things! It just stretched on a little longer than I intended, but I am planning to start posting pictures and explanations again once I’m back in the states and have some more time over winter break. To that end, I’ve been saving lots of pics and taking notes to inspire future posts, so never you fear, I do have plenty of material on deck. I just needed to do more now and tell stories later!

A few quick updates: I am feeling generally healthy, wealthy and wise after a month+ spent in the aforementioned ‘doing’ mindset. New experiences include: finding a salad delivery company that makes the most delicious mango nut salad (hence the ‘healthy’), working as both an English tutor and as a ‘model’ (read: foreign face) for local hotel advertisements (hence the ‘wealthy’), and taking long walks in the city near my campus, my favorite destination being the bamboo park that runs along the river and functions as a hub of traditional culture in the rapidly changing and developing cityscape of Chengdu (hence the ‘wise’).

Also, as you can see in the picture, I cut my hair! My friend Kiki took me to a Chinese salon where a 45-minute massage was included in the (very reasonable) price of the haircut and where I was directed to choose my ‘hair designer’ by which young male hairdressers’ headshot I found the most attractive. This made me feel more than a little apprehensive, but it all turned out a-okay, I love my short(er) hair, and I have a 12-inch ponytail sitting in my desk drawer waiting to come home in my suitcase and be mailed off to Locks of Love!

All in all, I’ve been having an amazing time these last few months, and the only real complaint I have is that it is going to be ending all too soon. While I miss my family and friends and the PNW more and more, I’m already dreading leaving this exciting, vibrant city behind. Four months is too short to truly ‘live’ in a new country, city, and culture, and I can only hope that my path brings me back here before the ongoing march of Chinese development changes all that I’ve come to love too much.

Sorry again for the long break, and I can’t wait to speak more about my experiences, both online and in person, when I get home. Sending love and holiday vibes to all you lovely folks, and I’ll be seeing you soon.



2 thoughts on “Update: Time Flies Faster in China

  1. You are grudgingly forgiven for the long hiatus. However, I want you to know it has been hard on us. And I don’t understand why you can’t just stay holed up in your dorm room and write to us 24 hours a day about all the wonderful things you have personally read about in China. 🙂

    PS. We will probably be in Portland at Xmas, and would love to see you, but you will probably not be there then….


  2. Oh, so good to know you aren’t just holed up begrudging me all day, I was desperately worried for you. I can’t wait to tell some stories in person – it’s more fun that way, anyways.


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