Vietnam 2k16 – Day One

Hello again! As many of you know, the opportunity came up for Oliver and I to visit his brother Cameron (in Ho Chi Minh City for a summer law internship) with some Parental Financial Assistance (thank you, parentals!!), and we jumped at the chance. Since trip planning began, Cameron’s plans have changed, so we’ll only be spending a few days with him… But I think we’re still going to have an awesome trip!

I’ll try to post some photos here and there, when we have time and wifi. I’ll also be updating my Instagram periodically. 

SO. After a relatively smooth (but still long and unpleasant) 30+ hours of travel (including a long layover in Shanghai and a slight visa SNAFU), we made it into HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City) around 5 am local time, crashed at a hotel for a few hours, and checked into our SUPER CUTE AirBnb around 11 am local time. (I’ll post photos of the cuteness later!) Then it was time for a very fancy, very delicious, very petit (see below bagel photo) brunch at a hotel with Cameron – apparently Obama ate there when he was in Vietnam. 

After eating everything from macaroons to sashimi and enjoying the strongest, blackest coffee I’ve ever experienced, we walked around the city for a few hours. It began pouring shortly after we left brunch, so we took shelter in a bar decorated to look like a outside terrace (see below for a picture) until the rain let up, and then went on a search for umbrellas, which was [eventually] successful. 

Then we went on a bit of a wild goose chase into District 2 to find a soccer match organized by the Dutch and Belgian expat communities that Cameron had been invited to, and finally found it just in time to eat some delicious post-game BBQ and be served a Heineken by some lovely young ladies dressed in Heineken-label tube dresses and highly impractical footwear. There were European kids running around barefoot, lots of puddle-stomping, a DJ, an ice-cream stand, and the Belgian ambassador made a speech. We missed the game, but apparently the Dutch won. Wahoo!

Post-game we had high hopes for going out to dinner, but when we got back to our AirBnb to change, we ended up sitting down for sliiiiightly too long and falling asleep… Oops! End Day One. Thanks for reading! 

This is my current view, as we sit in a coffee shop journaling, planning, posting, and waiting for Cameron to wake up – we both woke up at 5 AM, despite our best efforts to stay up last night.

On the stairs up to the CIA helicopter photo op… O didnt’t want to pose for me.

Is it inside or outside, who can tell??

I took this while we were walking around in the rain looking for the soccer game in District 2. So green! So rainy! So neon!

I ate the tiniest lox & cream cheese bagel ever!!

The mix of architectural styles here is all at once quaint, dizzying, and strangely elegant.

According to Cameron, this spot was where the last CIA helicopter took off from during the Vietnam War. The building houses art galleries, bars, and apartments now.


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