Vietnam 2k16 – Day 2 [PHOTOS]

This was taken after I cracked the top open, before I ate the yolk inside… I never did eat the little ducky.

This was taken after I removed the duck, etc. I took mine out to eat with chopsticks, but Oliver and Cameron slurped theirs right out of the shell!

My favorite! One big bite of meaty, chewy seafood-like snail meat seasoned with lemongrass and chilis.

Action shot of Oliver eating a snail with a safety pin – you use the pin to open the little ‘door’ and pull out the snail meat.

One of the three kinds of smaller snails we ate – I don’t have good pictures of the other two. You can kind of see the little doors on these ones!

View from a bar in the tallest building in HCMC – which is where Cameron worked this summer.

This building’s walls were coated in ferns and vines! They were dripping in the humidity, so we took out our umbrellas (Cameron is yellow, Oliver is blue).

This is a newly constructed walking street in the center of HCMC that leads up to a government building. The street gets very busy in the evenings, and is a popular hang-out spot for teenagers and parents with young children.

Yes, this church really is pink! I asked Marjorie if the color was accidental (or if it had faded to pink) but she wasn’t sure.


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